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Achieving Communication Excellence

Client Testimonials


“I have been searching for a highly proficient accent coach or institution. There are many online courses but I was not sure the courses until I found the Accent & Corporate English Training Classes, offered by Buffalo Hearing and Speech Center. Carrie is an excellent Speech trainer and she customized the communication training course. It was extremely well designed. I really enjoyed this Accent and Communication training and it has given me a new confidence in dealing with my work situation and my personal confidence. All things about the course were excellent and extremely helpful. I enjoyed it very much."
(MOOG Inc. Employee)
(Native Language: Korean)

“I have attended several pronunciation classes. Carrie  is the best instructor. I have been in USA for 16 years. I improved my English pronunciation under her instruction. She gave me confidence to speak and listen English.”
(New York State Licensed Medical Physicist)
(Native Language: Mandarin)

“The instructor is very professional and knowledgeable. The program is organized in a very effective way. It’s very helpful when the professional points out the mistakes you didn’t realize before.”
(University of Buffalo Graduate Student-Finance)
(Native Language: Mandarin)

“I can't tell you how wonderful these last past nine weeks have been. Although it was only nine hours of training, the contribution of your time and effort has been life-changing. Being a minister in a doctoral program for theology, with little formal training at the art of speaking, I must say I have benefited tremendously from your feedback. I think this is a part of your life calling you are a natural at proliferating as well as modifying one's natural abilities. You have made my day, and you are an exceptional person!”
All the best,
Rev. Dave

“I always have the problem to pronounce ‘th’ sound. I knew the differences between the voiced and voiceless ‘th’, but I could not pronounce them correctly. The instructor introduced a website to help us distinguish different sounds. I think it is very helpful. The instructor even asked me to look at the mirror when I said the words. She tried many ways to teach and improve our pronunciation. Very good program and very good instructor.”
(Graduate Student)
(Native Language: Mandarin)

How Does the ACE Approach Work?

Achieving Communication Excellence

Speech Perception Training

A common misperception in pronunciation training is that the learner should focus primarily on accurate speech production to improve their Spoken English.

In reality, to speak accurate and fluent English, you need to first learn with your ears-not your eyes!

When listening to spoken English, you need to perceive and segment the incoming stream of speech correctly to make sense of it.

Speech perception training will help you self-monitor instances of speech breakdown. This is critical to promote generalization and carry-over of progress made into real-life speaking situations.

At ACE, we provide both practice and instruction. Clients need practice in listening for meaning and also instruction on how to do so effectively.

You will receive practice and instruction on how to:

  • Discriminate between intonation patterns in sentences
  • Discriminate between individual speech sounds
  • Recognize syllable patterns
  • Become aware of sentence fillers in informal speech ie. “Um”
  • Discriminate between word boundaries
  • Differentiate between content and function words
  • Identify stressed syllables
  • Recognize weak syllables
  • Recognize when syllables are dropped
  • Link words together
  • Use features of stress, rhythm and prominence to help identify important information
  • Use grammar to guess meaning

Available on-site at one of our conveniently located offices or online.

Training programs typically include 10-12 hours of instruction.

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